Carpet, Tile or Wood – The Perfect Floors for Every Room

Carpet, Tile or Wood – The Perfect Floors for Every RoomForty years ago, hardwood floors were covered with linoleum and shag carpeting. Twenty years ago, parquet and vinyl tiles covered floors. Even floors from ten years ago can seem outdated and old fashioned now. Replacing carpet, tile, vinyl and wood for more naturally modern options will instantly transform the look of all your rooms.

What floors are right for you?

Carpet Options for Bedroom, Living Room and More

For decades, wall-to-wall carpeting has been the standard floor covering for rooms where people wanted something soft underfoot. With all the possible styles and colors available today, everyone can find something they love. Carpet that covers the entire floor should always be installed on top of padding by a professional. This makes the carpet even more comfortable to walk on by giving it an extra plush and cozy feel.

Natural Tiles in Bathroom and Kitchen Rule

Although tile has been used in kitchens and bathrooms because it is very easy to clean and is impervious to water, the styles of tiles that are now being used lean toward more natural materials and appearances. Vinyl is still an option for those with smaller budgets, but even those man-made fabrics are being designed to look like natural stone or wood.

Ceramic and glass are used primarily in bathrooms and as backsplash behind the kitchen sink. Some like very small colorful glass tiles while some prefer large subway tiles and, still, others choose large ceramic squares that give a smoother appearance.

So many options are on the market today so you can create the look you want. Stone is truly the best modern tile option for the kitchen and bathroom floors. Consider large tiles of pale marble for a very elegant finish or multi-colored tiles that can be artfully pieced together like a puzzle for country-style charm.

Hardwood Throughout Will Last Years

Hardwood floors will never go out of style, but they are decidedly in style these days if used throughout the entire home. The wide planks or narrower boards are installed in the same direction in every room to seamlessly draw you from one room to the next. There are many different styles and innumerable stain colors to choose from.

The benefit of having hardwood floors installed in every room of the house not only increases the look of cohesiveness but also creates a clean and traditional look that does not interfere with any decorating scheme. You can easily lay a large rug over the wood in each room to display a completely different style.

Floors in the home are one of the first things that can become worn out or outdated. If your home is in serious need of floor remodeling or renovation, you have so many options to choose from. Whether you install stone or ceramic tile, wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood boards, you can create the look you want that will be in style and will endure for many years to come.