Common Mistakes When Building a Gazebo

Common Mistakes When Building a GazeboHere in Brazos Valley, the weather is great for most of the year so having an outdoor space like a gazebo makes sense. However, when starting any new construction project, it’s important to make sure you’ve got a good set of plans.  Every aspect down to the correct hardware needs to be considered.  Here are some common mistakes you can make when building your own gazebo.

Buying the wrong materials

If you have good plans make sure you follow them exactly, even when it comes to the type and thickness of the wood you’re using. Don’t substitute one kind of wood for another unless you’re certain it will turn out the same. Not all wood is the same strength so if the plans call for a particular type of board, think twice before making a substitution.

Another thing to consider is getting the correct hardware. While two different screws might look basically the same, remember that plans call for certain types of hardware because they’re better for the job. Using screws and nails that are too short and fasteners that are too weak could reduce the integrity of the gazebo you’re building.

Failing to get a permit

Depending on where you live, adding a structure to your yard could require a permit. Even if you get a permit from the city you may need to think about getting permission to build from your HOA. When getting a permit, make sure you have good plans and are prepared for a possible inspection. When getting approval from your HOA, read your HOA rules first to make sure the building complies. Then, submit the plans for the gazebo to the appropriate committee, usually the architectural committee.

Taking on more than you can handle

When you try to DIY a project you may not have considered all of the work involved and the tools required to get it done right. Hiring an experienced builder will ensure that your project will be completed correctly and with the right tools. It’s better to have a builder from the start than hiring a builder to fix your mistakes. However, it’s never too late to call a professional for some help with any DIY project.

Crooked boards

While boards that aren’t laid properly may still be structurally sound, they detract from the appearance of your gazebo. An experienced builder won’t make that mistake. When you hire a builder to do the work, you can be sure that whatever pattern you’ve chosen for the floorboards will be executed properly.

If you hire an experienced professional, these problems can be avoided. Your builder will use the right materials, get permits, and install the floor boards in a correct and attractive fashion. While you may be able to build a gazebo yourself, don’t hesitate to call a professional if you run into some problems. You don’t just want a completed gazebo, you want a gazebo that is built correctly the first time. That way you can get enjoyment from it for years to come.