Hardie-Plank Siding

Hardie-Plank siding

Hardie-Plank siding

When it comes to purchasing new siding for your home it can be very difficult to decide the best type of siding for your own individual needs. While there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting between wood siding, vinyl siding, metal siding and more Hardie-Plank siding is very quickly becoming one of the most popular options available.

Hardie-Plank is the perfect middle ground between wood siding and vinyl siding. There are many homeowners to don’t like the look of vinyl siding and find that it rattles and makes noise especially when it’s windy. Although vinyl siding is fairly resilient it certainly isn’t the best option for everyone. Hardie-Plank is the perfect middle ground because it offers even better resiliency with the same classic look as wood siding.

Hardie-Plank siding is made of fiber cement. This means that the composition of the siding is part wood and part cement and if you were to cross cut a piece of the siding you would see thousands of little fibers of wood which are sealed up with cement. This means that the total amount of wood used in the siding is extremely conservative and you can receive siding that doesn’t make noise, insulates well and stands up to severe weather conditions.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to using Hardie-Plank is that it’s one of the very few types of siding that’s actually registered as a green building material. None of the wood used in this type of siding is taken from in danger at species of trees, cement and sand are made using non-toxic materials and can be created in great abundance. This means that when it comes to siding options Hardie-Plank is a great choice for the environment as well.

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