Home Renovation – Pergolas, Decks and More for a Backyard Pool

Home Renovation – Pergolas, Decks and More for a Backyard Pool

Create an Oasis

Families who enjoy their in ground pool, may want to add additional interest and add to the backyard with the addition of a deck or pergola. Experts at home renovation in College Station, TX can design a perfect oasis that combines the blue sparkling waters of an existing pool and or spa with stylish hardscaping, a comfortable seating area and protection from the blazing sun.

Make the Most of an Existing Pool

No matter what size your backyard pool is, or if you only have a hot tub or Jacuzzi, you can transform it into a place of ultimate relaxation or fun with the help of experienced professional home renovation experts. Most pools are surrounded by a cement, stone or brick walkway or patio that frequently holds lawn chairs or simple beach towels for sunbathing or hanging out. While these are functional and can be attractive, there are so many other options such as arbors/pergolas and decks.

Deck Ideas for a Backyard Pool

When a person emerges from the cool waters of the backyard pool and wants to dry off for a while in the sun, they need a place to sit or set up their chair. While a cement surround can be sufficient, it does not offer many options and it certainly doesn’t look as good as an expertly installed deck can. Consider a wooden deck that stretches between the back wall of the house and pool. There would be no need to get your feet dirty in the grass on the way to or from your swim or sunbathing session. Decks not only look more attractive, but they can also offer some level of security if there are children in the home. They have railings and can even have locking gates at the stairs in order to keep young people away from the pool.

Why Pick a Pergola for Your Backyard Oasis

While some people may enjoy sitting out in the sun and getting a tan, others prefer to avoid some of the hot Texas heat by seeking the shade instead. Pergolas offer the perfect combination of sun and shade for a family who has individuals with both tastes. Pergolas are usually fashioned from wood and include for sturdy posts and a slatted wooden roof that can let through the rain and some sun, but also cools the area underneath naturally.

Experienced home renovation designers understand the best ways to turn an existing backyard with pool into an oasis where the family and friends gather for fun and relaxation. A quality deck can add value to your home not only for its multiuse possibilities, but also financially as well. Likewise, a pergola extends the living space out into the yard. These homes accents can be combined with hardscape walls, built in seating areas or even an outside fireplace, fire pit or built in barbecue grill. If you and your family enjoy the outdoors even more than the rooms inside your house, it makes sense to install a deck and pergola to help you enjoy it even more.