Most Popular Remodeling Trends of 2016

2016 isn’t over just yet but it has already been a big year for new design and remodeling trends. As the new generation of millenials reaches the age where many of them are buying homes, an explosion of new ideas have hit the market. From minor design elements to big ideas for kitchen appliances, this generation is changing our ideas of what is possible in the home.

Many homebuilders are already incorporating these features into new homes. However, not everyone has the budget or the desire to purchase a brand new house. If you’re in that group, then you’ll love these popular trends for home remodeling in College Station, TX. Incorporating just a few of these new trends is a low-cost way to transform the look and feel of your personal living space.

Most Popular Remodeling Trends of 2016

Restaurant Quality, Right At Home

It’s clear that the millennial generation is obsessed with food in a big way. The rise of the foodie movement and the exploding popularity of new culinary techniques and the farm-to-market trend shows that this generation is really concerned about the quality of their food. This trend is reflected in many homes by remodeling projects that focus on restaurant-quality appliances.

Restaurant-quality ovens and pizza ovens are some of the most popular items. If you’ve ever wished that you could cook up the perfect pizza at home, now is a great time to start kitchen remodeling in Bryan, TX.

Another popular remodeling project is the installation of a quartz-topped kitchen island. A kitchen island can turn an ordinary kitchen into a professional space and quartz is easier to maintain than granite or marble.

Bringing The Office Home

It’s true that the Internet and digital technology are moving into every corner of our lives. As a result, more and more homeowners are transitioning into a work-from-home lifestyle. High-speed WiFi makes telecommuting easier than ever before. This means that you can turn a spare bedroom, a study or that outdated media room into a high-tech home office.

Must-have items for a home office include sleek, large desks with plenty of space for multiple monitors and accessories. You won’t need to worry about large bookshelves and you won’t have to fight for space. Wireless connections mean that you don’t need to worry about tripping over cords and cables and even a small room can become a professional home office with only a few changes.

Low Maintenance

These days, people are very interested in appliances, fixtures and furniture that perform well with minimal maintenance. The millennial generation isn’t lazy, they’re just too busy with other things to worry about upkeep and maintenance.

Stainless steel fits into this category perfectly. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are easy to clean and are very durable. Pergolas with aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware can turn an ordinary backyard into a modern spot for entertaining and relaxing.

If these ideas sound good to you, then it’s time for home renovation in College Station, TX. It’s a surprisingly affordable way to totally transform your entire living space.