Adding Modern Style in an Old Bathroom Remodel

Adding  Modern Style in an Old Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms in older homes are usually coated with colored ceramic tile, have a single sink and feature a combination bathtub and shower unit. Not only is this style less attractive than many modern options, but it can also considerably lower overall property value. In College Station, TX, bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms in the house to get the professional touch.

Lose the Pink and Avocado Tilework and Countertops

Gutting an old bathroom is your best bet for bringing it up to date. Removing all the old ceramic tile from the floor and walls is necessary in most cases. Out-of-date molded countertops should also go out with the trash.

Current bathroom styles use stone, glass and ceramic tile in neutral tones, plain white or with colorful accents. Subway tile is still popular on the walls and shower surround. One popular bathroom remodeling update is to use pebble-sized tiles or stones on the shower floor. Floors can even be hardwood if treated to be more waterproof.

Install Elegant Cabinets for Storage

Under-sink cabinets only in older bathrooms left homeowners trying to find storage solutions for towels and toiletries. While this cabinet style is still the most common, other styles are also being included in newer bathroom designs. For example, installing tall or corner built-ins provides more storage without taking up too much floor space.

Very dark espresso brown and black cabinets can often be found in modern bathrooms, but white and pale neutrals are more common. Some people also choose to paint cabinets bright blue, pale aqua or another vibrant color that matches their chosen décor.

Maximizing the Size of Old, Small Bathrooms

One common problem with older bathrooms is that they are quite small. The trend these days is to have more square footage for bathrooms so more cabinetry and fixtures can fit inside. The right home renovation expert in Brazos Valley, TX can come up with a plan to best utilize every inch of the bathroom or can even knock down a wall and expand.

The master bath, for example, could be enlarged if it shares a wall with a large closet the homeowner is willing to sacrifice. During a more extensive home renovation, knocking out unnecessary walls and doing away with separate hallways can provide extra space to extend bathrooms.

Most Popular Features in Today’s Bathrooms

Many people want a separate nook or room for the toilet. This essential fixture can be hidden behind a narrow wall or completely enclosed behind a door like a public restroom.

A walk-in shower much larger than the stalls of years past is a feature many people want. These frequently include built-in tile seats or benches along the side. Multiple shower heads can create a relaxing rain shower.

One optional feature for current bathrooms is the soaker tub. These deep basins offer plenty of relaxation for those who use them, but they require a considerable amount of floor space. So, you should be aware that an older, smaller bathroom may not have enough room available.

Homeowners have different ideas about the perfect style or layout for their bathrooms, but some options are chosen more often than others. Your personal choices will not only provide a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience for everyone in the home but may also increase property value.