Bathroom remodeling – Where to Begin?

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Make a list of what you want changed. Don’t think about cost, just jot down as if money isn’t an issue. Put the list away for a few days, then come back and look at it with fresh and practical eyes. You may need a complete overhaul from floor to ceiling. Or, you may just need to upgrade parts of your bathroom. Looking at it with new eyes will help you focus in the right direction.

Do some personal research. Now that you know what parts of the bathroom you want changed, it’s time to get ideas. You can look on Pinterest, magazines, websites, or ask any friends you know who have recently remodeled their bathroom. Some contractors will have on their website before and after pictures of bathroom renovations they have done.

Think about the climate where you live. Remodeling a bathroom in College Station will be different than one in Alaska. There is humidity to consider in Texas and a good contractor will know how to factor that in for energy efficient reasons.

Pick a contractor with experience. This is easy to determine by looking on the contractor’s website, Googling their reputation, and asking them questions. A knowledgeable contractor will be up to date with the latest on energy efficient materials. They will also be able to tell you how long the project will take and give you an accurate cost of the project before beginning.

Write down your goal. Throughout this pre-work process you’ll need to remember why you are remodeling your bathroom. Is it for resell? Updating the look? To save money with energy efficient means? Knowing what the end goal should be will help you feel satisfied when the bathroom renovation is complete.