Home Remodeling in College Station, TX

Home Remodeling in College Station, TX

Home Remodeling in College Station, TX

Improve Kitchen and Bath Lighting With Suntunnel Skylights and New Windows

Before your first cup of coffee or invigorating shower in the morning, the harsh glare of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs can seem like a shock after the quiet dark of your bedroom. During a general remodel of a home, light fixtures can be changed and dimmer switches can be installed, but there is another option that brings natural sunlight into your kitchen and bathroom without the need for electrical re-wiring or extensive home remodeling (bath & kitchen in particular) in College Station and Bryan, TX.

Choose the Right Windows for Every Room

When you undertake home remodeling in College Station, TX, replacement windows may be one of the improvements in your budget. Although it is good to have a cohesive window type throughout the house, there are options for particular rooms that may serve you better.

Bathrooms require not only a way to get some fresh air but also privacy. Having large windows in the bathroom is not standard design procedure, but they can work if certain steps are taken to ensure no neighbors or passersby can begin and what you shower or change. One option is to replace standard, clear glass with frosted glass or even stained-glass options if they match your overall decor style.

Kitchens are usually meant to be bright and sunny places, so large windows are perfect for them. Natural light is easier on the eyes and can help you see particular ingredients better when cooking. Some say that people enjoy food better when they can see its attractive presentation.

Other Options for Natural Light in Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you peruse online home decor websites or magazines, you will notice that many kitchens and bathrooms have spotlighting or recessed lighting strips to add additional light to the work areas of the room. Experts who do home remodeling in Bryan, TX can certainly install these types of lights so you can cook more easily or shave and apply makeup in front of the bathroom mirror.

Besides electric lights, there are other options that will give you sufficient brightness in natural tones without having to spend any money or energy at all. Skylights are one option. They come in various sizes and styles to suit particular room’s needs.

In a kitchen, a large skylight that can open and close and provide not only lights but a way to vent the heat of cooking or any smells that may linger after dinner. The same benefit can be found in the bathroom, but since they are usually smaller rooms, a large skylight may be overwhelming. One option that provides an amazing amount of light but not the vent benefit is Skytunnel skylights. These cylindrical holes through the roof have special lenses above to magnify the sunlight down into the room. They are essentially natural spotlighting for workspaces.

Whatever option you choose for additional light in kitchens and bathrooms, be sure it fits your purposes and decor style. During you home remodel, changing windows and adding skylights can be affordable way to spruce up your living space and make it easier to manage those early morning tasks.