Landscape Design Tips for Arbors and Pergolas

Landscape Design Tips for Arbors and Pergolas

When you hire professionals for home remodeling in College Station, TX, leave some money in the budget for arbors and pergolas. In the hot Texas weather, these structures provide shade without restricting air flow to windows and doors. They also provide wonderful opportunities to improve the look and feel of your backyard. No matter what size or style pergola or arbor you have built, these landscape design tips can help you create the most attractive and useful style.

Pergolas Attached to the House

Although this type of outdoor renovation is more complex than building freestanding pergolas in College Station, TX, it can provide extra benefits as you will read below. This type of pergola must be attached to the beams of the house and the roofing material matched.

When it comes to landscape design, a pergola with a solid roof that flows directly from the house roof gives the impression of more living space and a larger home. It also breaks the backyard up into different sections suitable for entertaining or just relaxing after a hard day.

Stand Alone Arbors and Pergolas

Most pergolas and arbors stand away from the house and shade a patio, outdoor kitchen or area around a pool. Many of these are surrounded on three sides by gardens. Low shrubs and flowering perennials make for a beautiful landscape design that will not block air flow.

Under a pergola, arrange outdoor seating and a small table or simply include a couple of benches and some potted plants. Arbors are often used where one part of the yard transforms into another, such as at the entrance to a garden spot or a secluded hot tub nook. If privacy is the goal, larger bushes and climbing vines are a great option.

Great Texas Vines to Grow on Arbors and Pergolas

Vines not only provide beautiful flowers and foliage to look at, they can also increase privacy and shade for anyone sitting under the arbor or pergola. Texas weather allows for several attractive vines to grow.

Purple wisteria is always a favorite flowering vine to grow over landscape structures. This hearty plant provides thick coverage and beautiful blooms. Another flowering option is coral honeysuckle with bright orange-red blossoms. It climbs readily and attracts hummingbirds. Mexican flame vine can also attract these jewel-like birds as well as butterflies. It is particularly hardy and has bright orange flowers.

No matter what type of arbor or pergola you decide to add to your landscape design, it will provide plenty of interest and good use for your entire family. In the grand scheme of a home renovation in Brazos Valley, TX, adding one of these outdoor structures is relatively low cost. Added beauty, backyard use and an economical way to improve cooling in and around your home are all great reasons to have a pergola or arbor installed.