Timeless Trends for Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodel

Chances are that kitchen design trends have changed a few dozen times since the last time you remodeled your kitchen. It’s even possible that by the time you finish your kitchen remodel, trends will have changed again. But not every kitchen design trend is either fleeting or granite. In the past few years, several have emerged that don’t seem in a hurry to disappear any time soon. Here are some trends you can trust for your upcoming remodel:

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have been in the spotlight lately as a popular alternative to granite countertops. They have similar shine, character, and class but their smooth surface, non-porous surface is easier to clean and maintain. You’re also dealing with one of the strongest materials on earth when you install a quartz countertop, so you know that this counter will stand the test of time.

Open Kitchen

More and more, people are gravitating towards opening the kitchen up to allow for a more spacious, laid back vibe. Tearing down the wall and opening the kitchen into the dining room or living room helps the space feel more communal, and it’s great for entertaining. Talk to your construction worker about whether the wall dividing the kitchen from the rest of the house is load-bearing. If it is, you can’t tear it down, but you might be able to install an arch or something similar so you can still talk to your friends or watch the kids from the kitchen.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Another way to help your kitchen feel more open and airy: glass door cabinets. Glass cabinet doors are convenient for newly reorganized kitchens and offer a simple elegant style that seems determined to stay. Of course, transparent cabinet doors might not be convenient for every cabinet in your house. If you need to hide certain dishes, you can always alternate between glass and traditional or choose colored glass doors for a more unique approach.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been coveted design choices for years in the kitchen design industry, and they’re still going strong. An island offers the added prep space that a peninsula offers, but it makes the kitchen easier to navigate–and looks good, too. You can even put stools around the island to combine your kitchen and dining space, or just offer guests a place to hang out. Kitchen trends may be quick to change, but so far nothing’s come to replace the convenience and style that can be found with a kitchen island.
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