What to Expect from a Kitchen Remodel

Summer is a great time for a kitchen remodel. The longer days offer more lighting as the contractors work on your new kitchen, and while your stove and oven are off limits, you have an excuse to use the grill and have dinner outside. However, if you’ve never had a kitchen remodeled before, you may be daunted by the idea of chaos reigning over a significant portion of your home. You also may be worried about how the finished project will turn out.

Fortunately, when you hire a professional remodeling contractor to redo your kitchen, much of the stress is taken out of your hands. These experts know exactly what to do and how to do it most efficiently. While your kitchen might look like a mess for a short time, the finished product will make it all worth it. That said, there will be some disruptions it helps to know what you can expect so you can be prepared.


Noise is an inevitable part of any kitchen remodeling. Sadly, they just haven’t invented a way to make nail guns, compressors and the like quiet. This can be distressing if you have pets or small children in your home, but even if you live alone all the noise will certainly be distracting. This might be a good time to take advantage of that beautiful sunny weather and spend the day outside or visit a friend. Go see a movie or go to the park for the day. As long as your contractor has your phone number and can reach you if needed, it’s perfectly fine — and possibly recommended — to spend a day out.


We all know logically that in order to remodel a room, especially a kitchen, it has to be messy first. Walls might come down. Flooring could be taken out. Appliances will be changed. It’s one thing to know that, however, and another to see it in your own home. The sight of dust and ruins of your old kitchen can be discouraging, but know that this isn’t the finished project. No contractor is going to tear your kitchen apart and then walk away. If you did your research on your remodeling professionals, you know that they have a reputation for quality and by the time the job is finished, you’ll have the kitchen you wanted and they’ll clean up the mess.

The Unexpected

No matter what the project, the one thing you can count on is the unexpected. It may be that a wall you planned to remove is a load bearing wall. You may find water damage, a pest problem, or mold. There could be delay from material suppliers or any number of scenarios that you haven’t imagined. That’s not to say that these things will ruin your project. Usually, they just present a hurdle that might change your plans or finish date. But you should expect that the project won’t go 100% according to plan, and that the contractor will be able to find a way around the hurdle.

A Finished Project that Wows

All remodeling projects have bumps and hiccups, but if you have the right contractor, the look of the finished project will make you forget every disruption and delay. There’s nothing quite like walking into a finished, fresh looking kitchen after living through a remodel. You’ll want to have friends over right away to show off.

At Windham Construction, we have over 20 years of experience providing all kinds of remodeling services, including kitchen remodeling, to Brazos Valley. If you’re interested in your own kitchen remodel or have more questions about living through a kitchen remodel, contact us.

Remodeling Lingo Decoded

When you’re reading over a construction company’s qualifications or getting a quote for your remodeling project, sometimes it seems as though they’re speaking in a different language. If you’re not an expert, it’s easy to feel lost and confused by the conversation. However, you want to be sure you know what you’re signing up for, both in the company and the project itself. So let’s break down some of that remodeling lingo today.


If a construction crew or contractor is “certified,” it means that they’ve been approved by a registered organization in their industry. One of the main organizations in the remodeling industry is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (“NARI”), who certified Windham Construction. There’s also The International Code Council (ICC). The ICC shows that this contractor or construction crew complies with international industry codes, while NARI goes into more specifics. NARI certifications are given out to contractors and construction companies who show a high level of professionalism and expertise and who are specific to the remodeling industry.

Licensed, Insured, Bonded

Often, you’ll hear these three terms in conjunction with one another. Licensed means that the construction employees or contractors are licensed to work in a particular area. Texas doesn’t license contractors at the state level, but often a license shows a degree of respectability for the business. Insured means that the construction company has insurance so that in the event of an accident on the project, you won’t be held liable and won’t have to pay for it. Ideally, they should have personal liability, property damage coverage, and workers compensation. Bonded means that there’s a bond in place to protect the project, by guaranteeing that any damage or construction defects will be repaired or the client’s money will be reimbursed.

Construction Manager/General Contractor

A general contractor is a little different from a construction manager. The construction manager works for the construction company on the whole and is there from the beginning of the project. They’re a go between for the owner and the contractor. The general contractor, on the other hand, is independent and hired by the construction company through a bid process to oversee the day-to-day of the project. They most likely bring with them subcontractors and oversee their work. The construction manager will likely work with many local contractors to find the right person for your job.


Typically, there’s your budget and then there’s the allowance. The budget is what you’re willing to pay provided everything goes according to plan. However, that rarely happens in construction, so it helps to have a supplemental budget or amount of money set aside called an “allowance.” This covers any decisions made after the project begins or any unexpected obstacles that might arise over the course of the project.

Change Order

Sometimes it’s not until the project starts that you realize something you want to add, or want to remove. In that case, a change order is written out to adjust the original order — and the cost of the original order — to the new specifications. As with most things in construction, it has to be in writing.

If there’s ever a term that a construction or contracting professional throws out that you’re unsure of, don’t be afraid to ask. At Windham Construction, we have over 20 years of experience in Brazos Valley, which means we know all the terminology and we’re happy to clarify whatever you need to know. Simply contact us for more information.

4 Ways to Add Light to Your Brazos Valley Home

It’s a universal fact that humans crave light. It’s not just a matter of being able to see. Light cheers us and motivates us. Light helps us to stay energized and focused during the day and sleep better at night. Natural sunlight is especially beneficial to both our physical and mental health, but being surrounded by light in general can’t help but lift our moods.

The problem is that when it comes to electrical light, filling the room can quickly become expensive. That’s why homeowners often search for other methods of adding light to their home. Here are a few methods they’ll often use:

Simple Window Treatments

If you have a great window, you really don’t need to adorn it with elaborate window treatments. A thin frame and maybe simple window shutters should be enough to do the trick. This is especially true with wide, tall, floor-to-ceiling windows. The lighter the window frame, the more the window itself is accentuated — and the more light it allows into your home.

Light Walls

This is no secret, but it really can help to fill a room with sunlight. Dark painted walls can make a bold statement in a room, and that suits some homeowners. However, if your goal is to optimize the light in the room, light colored walls are essential. Light colors will reflect light from the windows or light fixtures in your room, to make sure that you get the most of it. Dark colors will only swallow that light. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to white walls. Yellow or blue or even light green will all reflect light and give the room an airy atmosphere.

Clear or Reflective Accent Pieces

A clear vase with glass marbles inside. A transparent coffee or dining room table surface. A mirror on the wall or ornate glass on a side table. All of these accent pieces will either reflect or allow light to shine through them, which further helps it to spread throughout the room. They also add to that airy atmosphere that we discussed above.

Cut Down on Clutter

You don’t have to go for minimalism, although minimalist spaces and light are a natural fit. However, you don’t want the room to be too busy, either. If your bookshelf is a little too cluttered, or you have a few boxes in the back of the room that you’ve been meaning to move for months, this is a good time to do it. If the kids toys are always lying around, consider giving them a designated play room or play area.

Adding light to your room can not only help you feel more cheerful and content in your home, but it can be inviting for guests and healthy for the whole family. If you need help adding light to your home, contact Windham Construction. We can repaint a room, add windows, or even create a sunroom for that specific purpose. We have over 20 years of experience remodeling homes in Brazos Valley and we’d love to help you, too. Contact us today and tell us your vision for your lighter, brighter living space.

How Color Can Affect Your Home Office

Color has a strong effect on our moods. Brighter colors can make us more energized and alert, while soft or deep colors help us to relax. Warm colors evoke cozy, homey feelings, while cool colors can inspire us and help us to focus. So if you work from home, the color of your workspace matters. It can affect your energy level, your ability to focus, and even how productive you are throughout the day. Deciding what colors are best for your home office depends on the kind of work you do and the kind of feeling you want to evoke. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for home office colors and how they can transform your workspace and help you to get things done:


Green is a color that screams creativity and inspiration. Green is an energetic color that can motivate you and help you to center in on the things you want to accomplish. While a bright green on the walls might be a little too distracting, even a light pastel green can make your workspace seem potent with ideas. On the other hand, you could paint the walls some other color but fill the room with accents of green. A green vase, green desk lamp, wall hanging, or green chair will give the room an extra pop. Houseplants are also a great way to incorporate green into your home office. These themes of green through the office will make your home office a place where you can focus and be more productive.


Let’s face it, your work can be stressful sometimes. Even when you love it, there are always things that you dread or days that are hard to get through. If your workspace gives the wrong vibe, it can make your workday even more tense. This is where blue can help. Blue is a naturally calming color, one that can help you to feel more at ease, no matter what your day throws at you. There’s a reason why most social media platforms use blue as the main color in their design. Blue draws the eye to it and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Deep warm colors can also help you to feel more comfortable, but usually in a cozy way that dissuades productivity. Blue is a great choice for home offices because it can clear your mind of tension and help you to focus.


Sometimes the best way to boost your energy in your home office is to give your eyes a break from the monotony. Painting the walls a cheerful yellow will pleasantly surprise your senses and thus, make you feel more alert and focused. Yellow is also reminiscent of the sun, so a yellow workspace can help you feel energized during the workday, and maybe even sleep better at night. Yellow walls, yellow windowsills around the sunshiney window, or yellow plaques to fill the empty spaces on your bookshelf can all boost your productivity and make you feel a little happier in your home office.

If your home office needs a remodel, call Windham Construction at 979-324-8596. We have over 20 years of experience with home remodel and construction services in College Station and the Brazos Valley area. If you can’t decide on a color, we’ll try out different samples so you can see what you like best. Your home office should be a place where you want to get work done, not a place that distracts you from the work you have to do. We’ll help you realize its full potential.

Timeless Trends for Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodel

Chances are that kitchen design trends have changed a few dozen times since the last time you remodeled your kitchen. It’s even possible that by the time you finish your kitchen remodel, trends will have changed again. But not every kitchen design trend is either fleeting or granite. In the past few years, several have emerged that don’t seem in a hurry to disappear any time soon. Here are some trends you can trust for your upcoming remodel:

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have been in the spotlight lately as a popular alternative to granite countertops. They have similar shine, character, and class but their smooth surface, non-porous surface is easier to clean and maintain. You’re also dealing with one of the strongest materials on earth when you install a quartz countertop, so you know that this counter will stand the test of time.

Open Kitchen

More and more, people are gravitating towards opening the kitchen up to allow for a more spacious, laid back vibe. Tearing down the wall and opening the kitchen into the dining room or living room helps the space feel more communal, and it’s great for entertaining. Talk to your construction worker about whether the wall dividing the kitchen from the rest of the house is load-bearing. If it is, you can’t tear it down, but you might be able to install an arch or something similar so you can still talk to your friends or watch the kids from the kitchen.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Another way to help your kitchen feel more open and airy: glass door cabinets. Glass cabinet doors are convenient for newly reorganized kitchens and offer a simple elegant style that seems determined to stay. Of course, transparent cabinet doors might not be convenient for every cabinet in your house. If you need to hide certain dishes, you can always alternate between glass and traditional or choose colored glass doors for a more unique approach.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands have been coveted design choices for years in the kitchen design industry, and they’re still going strong. An island offers the added prep space that a peninsula offers, but it makes the kitchen easier to navigate–and looks good, too. You can even put stools around the island to combine your kitchen and dining space, or just offer guests a place to hang out. Kitchen trends may be quick to change, but so far nothing’s come to replace the convenience and style that can be found with a kitchen island.
If you’re remodeling your kitchen in Brazos Valley this fall, contact Windham Construction for an estimate. Twenty years of quality local service makes Windham Construction experts in the remodeling industry, including kitchen remodels. They’ll involve you in the process every step of the way. Whether you want cutting edge trends or a timeless look for the ages, Windham will use your feedback and requests to help transform your kitchen into a new room, one that fits your family’s needs and your sense of style now.