3 Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2018

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have been the favorite of homeowners for decades, and 2018 is no exception. They’re smooth, beautiful, easier to clean than carpet, and you can always embrace your inner child by sliding around hardwood floors in your socks. Whether you prefer a rustic design for your home, a classic colonial style, or something sleek and modern, hardwood floors provide an attractive solution.

So it seems almost redundant to talk about hardwood floors as a trend of 2018. Instead, let’s talk about the trends within hardwood flooring.

Hardwood All Over

What we have noticed this year is an uptick in how much hardwood flooring homes contain. For some time, hardwood has been a popular choice for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and the like. However, this year it seems as though you can find hardwood in just about every room. Many homeowners are redoing their kitchens and entryways in order to make the switch to hardwood floors. True hardwood remains a risky choice for bathrooms, because of the propensity for water spillage and humidity. However, with advances in engineered wood or faux hardwood, you may even start to notice hardwood bathrooms soon.

Faux Hardwood

Sometimes you want the look of hardwood, but you don’t want the maintenance or cost of hardwood flooring. In that case, you might be interested in faux hardwood flooring. You can find laminate flooring for your kitchen that has the authentic look and texture of wood with an overlay of plastic that keeps it waterproof. Vinyl, however, can be made to mimic the look and texture of wood, and it’s much more affordable. Cork flooring is becoming a popular alternative to true wood flooring, partly because it’s a green choice. It can be made with recycled cork, and if you decide to take it out, it can be recycled itself.

Reclaimed Wood

Another green option when it comes to hardwood flooring is to use reclaimed wood, and with our society becoming more and more environmentally conscious, this option has really taken off in 2018. Reclaimed wood requires no additional trees to be cut and there’s much less production effort. It also often comes with rich character and texture that homeowners prefer stylistically. If you prefer a rustic style for your home, reclaimed hardwood flooring is a perfect choice. The grooves in the wood are a little deeper, and the discoloration can be seen throughout. Some even prefer to use reclaimed wood that’s mismatched, using some boards that have been painted and others that haven’t, for an added touch of character.

What do you think about the recent hardwood floor trends? Are there any that could be right for your home, using either traditional hardwood floor, reclaimed wood, or wood alternatives? If you’re interested in making a switch to hardwood flooring, you can trust Windham Construction with our 20+ years of experience in Brazos Valley as your remodeling contractor. Contact us today for more information or a free quote for your next remodeling project.

Why Spring is the Best Time of Year for Remodeling

With the right construction company to help with your remodeling project, any time of year can be a good time of year for remodeling. However, remodeling professionals often find spring to be the start of their peak season and homeowners often see spring and early summer as the best time of year to start their remodeling projects.

It’s the season of spring cleaning, of refreshing and making improvements. Here are a few reasons why so many people find spring to be the best time of year for remodeling.

You’ve Lived With Your Home’s Flaws All Winter

Because of cooler temperatures, winter is the time of year that people tend to spend most indoors. Because you’re at home more often during the winter, you become more acquainted with all of the quirks of your home, both good or bad. It’s in winter that you’ll be most aware of that draft in the living room or how tired you are of the wallpaper in your home office. The holiday season may also make you painfully aware of a need for a larger kitchen or dining room.

Often throughout the winter, homeowners find themselves creating a checklist in their minds of ways that they can improve their homes. So when the snow melts and the sun comes out again, what better time than now to get started on those renovations?

The Weather is Warmer, But The Kids Are Still in School

While summer is still a popular season for home remodeling projects, homeowners may have to juggle with kids running around the house during the time of a remodeling project. This is another advantage that spring has when it comes to remodeling projects. The longer days and warmer weather are here, but the kids are still in school, which makes the remodeling go more smoothly overall. It will also make a nice surprise for the kids on the last day of remodeling to come home from school and see the finished project.

The Tax Returns Are In

It’s no secret: remodeling projects are no cheap. But if you’ve been in need of a remodel for some time, it might be worth the money spent to hire a professional contractor to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, deck, and so on and so forth. One way that the timing of spring is perfect is that it’s tax season, which means it’s time to get your tax return. People often prefer to use their tax returns on one big project or venture that they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise — why not take care of your remodeling with this year’s tax return?

This spring, or any other time of year, Windham Construction can help you with any of your remodeling needs. We are a family owned company with over 20 years of experience in Brazos Valley. We handle anything from deck and sunroom installations to kitchen and bathroom remodeling to window installation and painting. Whatever your project might be, contact us today. Tell us what you’re looking to do in your home, and how we can help.

Renovating Your Home Before You Sell

When you’re planning to sell your home, there’s undoubtedly one key thing on your mind: increasing your home’s value. The housing market fluctuates so rapidly that most homeowners have to actively make an effort to get an ROI on their home, let alone managing to sell it for considerably more than it was worth when they bought it. Renovating your home is one way to ensure that you increase your home value, especially if you’ve lived there for more than a couple years. It’s likely that home appliances and technology has updated since you moved in, so updating your home or even just giving it a fresh new look will give it a competitive edge when you decide to put it on the market.

Research the Current Trends

Do you know what paint colors are “in” right now? What about the latest advances in replacement windows or doors? What are the features buyers most look for in a kitchen these days? Chances are, this isn’t information that you know off-hand, so it won’t hurt to do a quick google search and seek inspiration from the current home improvement trends. Remember that different trends work for different housing styles and regions. For instance, a bungalow in College Station may have completely different standards of what works and doesn’t than a high rise apartment in New Jersey.

Spot the Problem Areas

You can probably already think of a few problem areas in your home since, well, you live there. There might be those little things that always bothered you but you just didn’t have time to have them fixed or renovated. This might be ugly wallpaper or a few scratches on the floor in the living room. It might be something more serious, like a leak. Regardless of the severity of the problem, now is the time to have them fixed. Go through your home and make a list of the problem areas so you know what to focus on for renovations.

Hire a Pro

If you’re planning to sell your house, you have enough to worry about…like selling your home and buying a new one. You also want to make sure that your renovation is done well and with a high quality finish before you start showing your home to potential buyers. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire remodeling professionals and let them handle the work. It also might save you money in case anything goes wrong, because remodeling professionals are insured. If you DIY your remodeling project and an accident happens, you’ll have to bear the burden of the damage yourself. Hiring a professional means less stress for you, and if the renovation is done well, it could end up a great ROI when the offer comes in for your home.

Windham Construction has been serving Brazos Valley with a variety of home remodeling needs for over 20 years. Whatever you need to get your home in shape before you put it on the market, our expertise and skilled construction crew have you covered. We’re happy to help you stage your home for your upcoming sale. Contact us today for more information.

The Best Time of Year for Different Remodeling Projects

When remodeling your home, timing is everything. You have to coordinate them with your own schedule–will you have time to be home when needed, or better yet, to get away from home when needed? But the time of year is also a key factor. The idea of doing outdoor work in the coldest part of winter or hottest parts of summer never seems ideal, but might also cost less than having similar projects done in milder months.

The truth is, the perfect time of year depends on a combination of the work you have in mind, your own schedule, and your climate. That said, certain projects and certain times of year just fit together. Here’s the best time of year for some common remodeling projects:

Adding a Sunroom – January

The whole concept seems wrong: why would you have a sunroom installed during one of the darkest, coldest months of the year? The idea having all that work done in the cold might sound uncomfortable, but winter is the best time of year for home additions like a sunroom. You can beat spring with all of its rainy days, which means the remodeling may take less time.  If you plan to build a new room, rather than convert an existing room into a sunroom, the lack of humidity makes for easier digging. And because winter is a slow period for most construction professionals, you may even be able to get a deal.

Replacement Window Installation – April or September

Most homeowners have replacement windows installed in the summer or winter, partly because that’s when they notice the need for replacement windows. They may notice that their windows are letting too much air in, that there’s a draft during the winter, or that the windows are hot to the touch during the summer. But the best plan is actually to have replacement windows installed in the spring or fall, and not just so that you can enjoy the benefits of new windows all summer and winter. It also tends to be cheaper, since again, there’s less demand for energy efficient windows in spring and fall.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels – July

Interior home remodels can be distracting, so it helps your peace of mind to get away from home as often as you can while the work is being done. That’s why it’s a good idea to have bathroom and kitchen remodels done in the summer. Whether you go on vacation or just spend the day out while construction is going on, it helps you to stay sane and the workers to do their work undisturbed (though keep a phone on you in case the contractors need to reach you). Also, any roof work requires a certain amount of heat to seal it in, so often contractors prefer to do this kind of work in the summer.

The most popular time to have remodeling projects done is not always the best time. Often, you’ll benefit from the savings and efficiency of having the project done before the other work orders start to flood in. The right contractor can make sure that any home remodeling project is finished efficiently and comfortably, no matter what the time of year. Windham Construction has been in business in Brazos Valley for over 20 years. We’re home remodeling experts and we’re happy to share our expertise with you as you plan the perfect time for your remodeling projects. Contact us today for more information.

3 Benefits to Painting Before You Move In

So, you scored the dream house. You already know that you’ll want to take down that outdated wallpaper and paint in the living room, the master bedroom, maybe even the kitchen. The question is when: do you paint before moving in or after? There are advantages to both options. Many homeowners feel they won’t be able to properly judge what color they want until they’ve lived in the space. Some have a short timeframe in which to move and have to save the paint job until after the move. However, if you can afford to wait, there are several benefits to painting before you move in.

It’s Easier

Painting is one of the easier home improvement projects, but it can still be a pain when you have a fully furnished room. Everything has to be tarped down so that paint doesn’t end up anywhere it shouldn’t (like your new sectional or rug). Things have to be moved back and forth so that you can cover the whole wall. You have to live with the smell of wet paint until it dries. But you can avoid all that by painting before you move in. In an empty room, you won’t have to worry about wall hangings or moving furniture. You’ll even have a little room to make a mess.

The ease of painting before you move in still comes in handy if you decide to hire a professional painter. The easier the job is for the painters, the less time it will take. The less time your paint job takes, the less you’ll be charged at the end of the day.

You Won’t Have to Live With Toxic VOCs

Remember that charming wet paint smell? That actually comes from the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted into the air when you paint, and it can be pretty bad for you. Significant exposure to VOCs cause headaches and nausea, and it can even cause damage to your liver if you’re exposed to it for a long period of time. Fortunately, VOCs dissipate with time. If you paint your house before you move in, your air will be nice and clear again by the time you finally move in. And of course, it will smell a whole lot better.

It’s One Less Thing to Stress About

Moving can be a stressful process all the way through. Buying the home can be stressful, selling your old home and moving out can be stressful, and home remodeling can certainly be stressful, especially if you have to live through the remodel. So don’t. If you have all the painting and remodeling done to your new home before you move in, you can walk into a brand new space that’s already custom-remodeled to your tastes. Imagine walking into your home on move-in day and seeing a fresh, neat coat of paint. All you have to do is unpack and start enjoying your dream home.

You can also ease some of the stress of moving by trusting a professional like Windham Construction to take care of your paint jobs. Windham Construction has 20 years experience providing excellent home remodeling service to Bryan-College Station. They’ll take care of your paint job with ease and quality, so you don’t have to worry about it. Contact them today for a free estimate.