Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels – Which kind is best for you?

The Psychology of Remodeling

You may want a remodel for a number of reasons. Maybe your kitchen or bathroom just looks dated, but often there are more functional reasons to make a change. You might want to make room for new technology that the builders of your kitchen never considered. Space might be a serious issue with a poorly designed kitchen. Whatever your reason, here’s some information on choosing the right remodel for you.

DIY Cosmetic Makeover

If your kitchen or bath has everything it needs except the right color, you have cheap options. You can refinish the old cabinets and add new hardware yourself. There are even kits for refinishing your cabinets. This option is great for newer kitchens.

This option is cheap and tempting for handy homeowners, but they may not give you all of the change you really want. If all it really needs is a new finish, you’re fine, but if your kitchen or bathroom needs a lot of updating, this isn’t the option for you. You’ll put forth a lot of effort and end up disappointed.

Professional Cosmetic Makeover

Even the simplest makeover can turn complex. You can hire professionals to take care of it for you. Some kits to refinish your cabinets cost less than $100. That might seem like a good deal until you mess it up. Then you have thousands of dollars’ worth of cabinets looking less than beautiful. If you’re afraid of that happening, you can ask a professional what they can do to make your kitchen look and feel better.

Simple Replacement

If you don’t like your current cabinets and countertops, you can simply have them removed and replaced. This is a good option if you already have the layout you want, but you aren’t happy with the style of your current cabinetry. This can be the case if you have the cheapest cabinetry that the original homeowner could find.  Newer cabinets can improve your kitchen or bath drastically.

Replacing fixtures can also help. A new tub or sink can add a lot of utility. While it’s just replacing what’s already there, be careful. Your kitchen or bath may not be up to current building codes that are there to keep you safe. If you hire a professional builder, they can help you get your kitchen and bath up to code and safer.

Custom Renovation

Do you hate your kitchen or bathroom?  Is it difficult to use because of its poor design?  If so, this is your best option. Pulling out everything and maybe even claiming space from a nearby room can help you upgrade your kitchen or bath and make it usable.

A custom renovation is your chance to make your home more modern.  Small kitchens and baths are a thing of the past.

Hire a Professional

It cannot be emphasized enough that a major kitchen and bath remodel isn’t something that most homeowners can do on their own. Permits and building codes have to be considered. Then, there’s dealing with the electrical and plumbing issues that come with updating a kitchen or bathroom. If you want a custom renovation, hire an experienced builder that you can trust.