Father’s Day Gift Idea

Father’s Day is coming soon and that got me thinking about unique Father’s Day gifts. With all that dads tend to do around the house, even if they aren’t so handy, it’s nice to give them a break from time to time. Why not give your dad the gift of checking off some of the work on his “honey do” list?

You can volunteer to do some of the work for him, or you could hire a professional. Here are some services that will take some of the load off of your dad.


While your dad is probably fully capable of buying paint and using a paintbrush, painting is time consuming. Also, what if the color he buys isn’t exactly what he pictured for the room?  If you hire professional painters, they can bring samples so you see what the actual color will be.

Hiring professionals to do the painting for you is especially helpful if there are high walls or if there’s wallpaper that needs to be removed first.

Deck Building

Building a deck looks easy enough. The problem is that it’s a lot of work for one person and getting it right may be more complicated than it seems. If your dad has been wanting to build a deck, you could surprise him with a crew of professionals willing to do the work for him. Your dad can sit back and relax while they do all the work. When they’re done, you’ll have a delightful place for family barbeques.

We’re located in College Station, Texas. Out here, our summers can be a bit harsh. If you hire a professional builder, he can tell you your options for building a deck that can endure the worst weather Texas can throw at it.


An arbor is another job your dad may be considering, but just hasn’t gotten around to doing yet. While an arbor may look even easier to build than a deck, it requires precision to get it right. Also, it requires some climbing on ladders and a lot of lifting. Save your dad’s back by hiring professionals to do the work for him.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

If your dad is handy, he may be able to remodel a kitchen on his own. However, there’s a lot of heavy lifting involved. Also, a lot of different skill sets are needed. How much easier and faster would it be for a professional crew to handle?  Your dad’s new kitchen will be ready a lot sooner if you send in some help.

Bathroom remodels may seem easier than kitchens, but there’s still a lot of time consuming work. If you hire professionals to do the work for your dad, he’ll have a functioning and beautiful new bathroom in no time.

Sure, your dad may be able to do the work himself, but doesn’t he deserve a little time off?  Hiring a service to take some of the work load could be the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad.

Create an Oasis With Outdoor Pools, Patios and Pergolas

Oasis With Outdoor Pools, Patios and PergolasThe living space outside your home is just as beneficial to you and your family’s comfort as the indoor areas are. Outdoor entertaining and relaxation are very important in our hot. Installing unique outdoor pools, patios, pergolas and other external features can help turn a normal expanse of lawn into a true oasis of tranquility and fun.

For many homeowners, enjoying the backyard in the hot summer months begins with a sparkling blue swimming pool. Considering the exterior style of your home, you can select from many different pool shapes and sizes to suit the overall look of your property. If your house is a very traditional brick façade with columns, a rectangular pool etched in a wide brick and cement patio might match your taste. If you have a home that features natural stone and wood beams, a more free-form pool surrounded by rocks and plantings may be more your style.

Outdoor Entertaining

No matter what shape and size of pool you have installed, what really adds to the enjoyment of the area is all the hardscaping and structures you have built around it. After all, a pool is not just for swimming in. You may also want to entertain poolside or relax on patio lounge chairs and invite friends over for a pool party – complete with an outdoor kitchen.

The area directly surrounding the pool should be covered with a solid flooring such as cement, stone or brick. Some also use wood decking to form the platform for chairs, tables and walkways. The solid surface gives you not only a place to gather and relax but also increases pool safety.

Once you have made the decision about what material will surround the swimming pool, it is time to consider your comfort and enjoyment of the area more closely. Although most people purchase tables and umbrellas to provide some shade, a physical structure built into the landscape scheme will cause less problems in the long run. After all, it won’t blow over when you’re trying to eat and it will last much longer by resisting damage and wear.

If you have a large property and room in the budget, you may want to consider having a pool house built to give you and your guests a convenient place to change and to rest out of the sun. Some prefer a quaint gazebo complete with benches around the outer edge. A straight roof over an outdoor cooking area can provide even more benefits. If your family enjoys uninterrupted entertaining and barbecues, this will allow the grill to continue cooking and also protect guests should the weather deteriorate.

Another structure that can provide some shade and relief from the direct sun is a pergola. These do not have solid roofs but, instead, feature a sturdy structure with vertical wooden boards across the top to provide partial sunshade. These can be left as is, may be covered with a cloth or curtains or have a vine grown up them to provide more shade and beauty in the long run.

Isn’t it time to build your perfect backyard oasis? Outdoor entertainment, fun and relaxation are only a few steps away. Please call us today to discuss these and other options for your outdoor space.

Adding Sunrooms and Screened Porches to Your Home

Adding Sunrooms and Screened Porches to Your Home

Contracting a expert in home remodeling to adding sunrooms and screened porches to your home is just about as complex as adding an entire new enclosed room. They use the same structure, need electricity run into them and have added complexity of many windows and even skylights that need to be handled and installed professionally. When you find the right contractors to handle this general remodel project, you can rest assured they will do exactly what it takes to have the perfect sunrooms/screened porches added to your home.

Sunrooms and Screened Porches to Your Home

Here is how it works from start to finish:

1 – The foundation is either prepared, poured or constructed for the sunrooms and screened porches to your home first. If there is no existing structure in the place where the new room will go, a concrete slab is constructed to support the sun room or porch. They can also be built on existing patios or even decks.

2 – Framing of walls and the roof is done next. The roof must be tied into the existing house so it may be necessary to open up a wall or existing roof line. This is done in much the same way as building an actual room on a house using 1×6 and 2×4 boards. The framework has to be sturdy enough to support all the glass windows for the sunroom. If a screened porch is being constructed instead, the builder may not worry as much about it being super strong instead of lightweight and cost effective.

3 – All utilities such as electricity is run into the new construction and hooked up so it functions properly. Most sunrooms and screened porches at least have a light inside so you can use it any time of the day or night. Ceiling fans are also popular additions unless the roof of the building is also completely glass or screening.

4 – Floors and walls of the new construction are finished. Some insulation may be added especially in sunrooms. In most cases, these types of additions have either cement, stone or tile floors, though hardwood is another option. Some people opt for outdoor carpeting as well, although it is not considered very stylish these days.

5 – Windows, skylights and screens are installed and secured next. If there are any doors to either the rest of the house or to the outside, they are also hung at this time. Sunrooms and screened porches frequently open up onto an existing deck or patio in the backyard to further extend the living area to the outdoors.

6 – All finishing construction is completed at the end. This includes replacing or repainting the shingles, brick or other material on the outside of the house and the newly constructed room, painting the interior walls, window trim and ceiling and completing any other cosmetic procedures.

7 – The final step in the creation of a sunrooms and screened porches to your home is to decorate and enjoy it. Bring in plenty of seating, some lighting so you can enjoy the new room after hours and any decorations such as houseplants that you enjoy best.

Get Ready for Summer Entertaining – Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer Entertaining – Outdoor Living Spaces

Get Ready for Summer Entertaining - Outdoor Living Spaces

A few folding chairs on the lawn and a grill on the patio may be how most people think of outdoor summertime entertaining, but if you are serious about outdoor living spaces and having friends over for dining al fresco or just having fun in the cool evenings under the stars, you should consider a home renovation in College Station, TX project that will greatly improve your outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor living spaces need three main things: protection from the weather, a platform that gets you off the grass and gardens and plenty of places to sit. The ways in which you tackle these three needs depends largely on how extensive the general remodel projects you want to undertake are and how much of a budget you have to work with.

Here are some home remodeling in Brazos Valley, TX ideas to consider:

Sunrooms/Screened Porches

While sunrooms and screened porches require a more extensive construction project and cost more than other options, they also provide more comfortable spaces for living a semi-outdoor lifestyle. In fact, a sun room simply lets the sun in to warm the bright, airy space and is more of an indoor spot than an outdoor one. It does allow the homeowner and her guests to enjoy a nearly unobstructed view of the landscaping and yard.

Screened porches let fresh air in as well and are usually much easier to construct. Screening is frequently stapled neatly to the inside of existing framework on a porch or deck.


If there is already a deck or patio attached to the house, the addition of an arbor or pergola can help block some of the hot Texas sun without blocking the fresh air and full outdoor experience. Home remodelers in College Station, TX can easily add an overhead semi-solid roof to a deck area. These arbors or pergolas provide only minimal protection from the sun, but the partial shade can be enough to extend the use of an outdoor living space. Another option is to grow a vine or other climbing plant over it and thus afford more shade.

Decks and Patios

When it comes to providing a platform for friends and family to sit on, nothing is better at creating an outdoor entertainment spot than the addition of a deck or patio. These can be as simple as a flat wooden platform or a slab of concrete or as extensive as multi-level constructions with built in seating and grill station. They can include space for a hot tub or spa, planter boxes for pretty flowers and even private entrances to upstairs bedrooms.

When summer approaches and homeowners get ready to invite friends and family over for their hot weather parties, they need to provide the perfect place to hang out and have fun. Experienced professional home renovation experts in Brazos Valley, Texas region can help you decide whether a sunroom or screened porch, arbor or pergola or just an attractive and functional deck or patio is right for your home and outdoor living spaces.